Sotogrande is the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia, Spain. It's quite well known for its golf courses including the legendary Valderrama.


As its image was strongly linked to Golf, even though it has way more to offer, my task was to plan the new website in order to reposition Sotogrande as a diverse high-end destination.


- Define the content 
- Design interface following new brand guidelines

Defining the overall scope and organizing the content.

We researched queries about Sotogrande in travel websites and expat communities and it became clear the place was seen as a golf only destination. As well as that, information was fragmented and scarce. 

The new website needed to present Sotogrande as a diverse destination that has more to offer than golf and provide all the key information about Sotogrande in a clear and structured way.

Menu Structure

Defining content for specific areas & wireframing


Very quickly it became clear that it was hard for users to find an action related to their query. For instance, someone searching for ¨kitesurf sotogrande¨ would struggle to find the contact of a kitesurf school, equipment rental or even overall weather information.

This way, we decided that every page would have a basic content structure.

Overall topic Information → Action (Book a class, rent equipment, etc)

With that in mind, we started wireframing in Sketch with the files synced in InVision. This allowed us to quickly share the progress and collect feedback from client and users.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.11.26Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.11.26

Design Templates and Modules