I had the pleasure to work with The Rumpus Room and CHI to help create ‘The BrightStage’, the online and broadcast campaign platform for TalkTalk’s sponsorship of The X Factor 2011.

The core creative idea called for fans to create films of themselves singing or dancing to popular songs. Fans could pick from a range of digital enhancements including fun props, light effects and performing characters that could be resized and positioned within their scene.

We achieved the for 2011´s edition: to double the number of recorded videos from the previous year. We did it by reducing the steps needed to record and edit a video.  

The best weekly submissions were selected and rendered in high resolution for broadcast show bumpers, playing out to audiences of 10 to 18 million people on Saturday and Sunday nights across the UK.

The initial screen had two clearly distinguished actions: View video charts and Create Video.

We also animated the LED lights on the panels to bring the website to life and drive attention to the call to actions.

The recording interface was created in a way that the user could go to any step at any time. It was even possible to record the video straight away skipping the customizing steps.

That was key to ensure we doubled the number of recorded videos from previous years.

Video gallery.

We just kept it simple. Basic and straightforward search and filtering functionality.